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 Annie Lennox

+ Dave Stewart

= Eurythmics.

One of the best bands in the world!

These are photos of my Eurythmics collection.

To view each item, click a menu category at the top of this page and scroll down the entire page to view all the different formats, ie 7", 12", CD single, Cassingle, 3" CD etc…

I try to collect different releases and formats. different picture sleeves from around the world, or coloured vinyls, picture discs etc…

Enjoy looking and feel free to contact me on

Annie Lennox - Medusa Promo Sampler Cassette.

The Tourists - So Good To Be Back Home Again. - Japan 7"

Annie Lennox. Cassingle: "No More I Love You's" Still sealed with free Medusa badge.

Eurythmics Scandinavian 6 LP Box set.

Spain - Valencia concert Promo 12" Single.

Korea - "Touch" Bootleg LP

Korea "Be Yourself Tonight" Bootleg LP

Mexico Promo CD Single "No More I Love You's"

Put A Little Love In Your Heart - Japan 7" promo

Diva - One Year Anniversary Kit - UK

Waiting In Vain - Mexico promo CD single

Walking On Broken Glass - Dance Club Mix promo cd single

RCA/BMG King and Queen Of America promo laminate playing card. 6" X 9"


Mexico Double A Side Promo

(Bootleg?) 7" Picture Sleeve

Mike's Eurythmics Page

Some interesting items pictured below...

Sweet Dreams - El Salvador rare 7" Red Vinyl

(Sealed) Right By Your Side 7" with free promo cassette EUC001 "Introspeech" "Step On The Beast".

Savage promo LP in original font.

Sweet Dreams - Mexican Orange/Gold Transparent 12" Single.

Italy Tri Fold Press Kit. World Revival Tour 1989.

The Tourists - So Good To Be Back Home Again. Mega rare French 7" pic sleeve in RED printing and black and white photo.

The Tourists - Loneliest Man In The World.

Holland 7" with unique B side "Useless Duration Of Time."

Eurythmics Retrospective 7" Box Set. Germany

Into The West - USA green background promo CD Single.

Queen - Annie Lennox & David Bowie 10" Picture disc.

Revival - Argentina Cassingle

Longdancer - Silent Emotions- French Promo 7"

I Saved The World Today

"Secret 7" signed one sided 7" test pressing. Number one of seven.

The King and Queen Of America 7"

Mega rare "withdrawn" picture sleeve

Sisters Are Doin' It For


Very rare, New Zealand cassette single.


Very rare, Australian cassette single.

(Sleeve only) 

Never Gonna Cry Again - UK 12" Gatefold Sleeve.

Never Gonna Cry Again 12" UK Acetate issued on "The Town House" handwritten label

The First Cut - Philippines 7" Promo 

Tous Les Garçons - UK 7" Acetate

Revival - French 3 Gatefold Promo 7" kit.

Annie Lennox - Medusa French Promo Box set with stamp pad.

Nostalgia LP - Autographed to me at Amoeba Records, Hollywood 10 October 2014.

Greatest Hits UK Interview CD - Annie Lennox

Diva Promo Cassette - USA

Soledad Promo CD Single

Stewart and Harrison - UK 4 track EP. Girl.

Original James Wilkinson artwork layup board for Sweet Dreams 3" CD Single, produced by Shoot That Tiger Studios, in 1989.

Would I Lie To You

Mexico (bootleg?)

7" (wrap around) Picture Sleeve.

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